Mystic Mae's Purpose

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I have found that living a mystical life consists of the following: 
Bearing witness to the holy,

embodying the holy witnessed,
and sharing one's sense of holiness with others. 

I started this site to share the holiness I found, and to help others find their own personal sense of holiness in hearing the messages of the divine all around them.

Any information presented on this website/means of communication are not intended as a substitute for seeking professional advice and services.  By viewing this website you agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless anyone associated with this website

F​​​or many, one’s spiritual or religious beliefs are a great act of faith. In my journey, spirituality and my very existence has been a bit different. The best way I can explain, is how the angels helped me to see it. 

Imagine an existence where you were born deaf into the world. This made it hard to interact and have the same frame of reference points or experiences that those around you had, leaving you with a more limited physical existence than those around you. Imagine that at spontaneous times your hearing would suddenly came back. At these times, not only could you hear the people around you, but you could hear angels as well. The immense beauty and wisdom that flowed through you during these times was so magnificent that although most of  your life was harder, you would gladly take the pain of it to have those moments of divinity where you can hear better than those around you. 

Still, even though you would not trade in your ability to hear angels for your ability to hear at all times, you wonder why you can’t just hear the angels at all times and be deaf to the world if you had to pick an ability. If you didn’t, why not hear both angels and people at all times? These questions plague you until the angels tell you that it can not be that you hear them all the time because then you would not understand the pain of an existence where you don’t. You would not know what a gift it was, and you would have no reason to try and connect with the world around you. By being on earth in a more limited form than most, you are forced to seek help and through doing so, you have come to love the people around you. You now have passion to help them in their limitation as they have helped you in yours.

Because you understand then that separation from the spirit world is not just lonely, but to suffer the greatest pain, you know it is the greatest of disabilities. You would give up anything not to go back to an existence where you don’t hear angels; yet, people all around you go their whole life never knowing the ability to hear fully. You really want to change this because the disability they don’t know they have is slowly killing them. You then realize that you are unique in that you can understand both extreme limitation and extreme limitless ability, and knowing those extremes gives you a better chance to help heal the divide in the world. Finally, you see that you needed the disability all along to enact your purpose to share what living in-between the extremes (living in extremis) is like. 

My existence and ability to tap into realities beyond this one came with having a life threatening disease since I was a child. After a virus attacked my brain and spinal cord and brought me to the near death state more times than I can count, I was left with severe disabilities within my body, but also no veil between this world and others. My memory worked different in that I could remember my existence as an entity that lived over many different lifetimes and universes. My way of seeing and hearing changed in that I could see and hear what others could not. My body, although crippled in many ways, was also capable of profound and unexplainable healing that has allowed me to stay on this earth way beyond its capabilities. 

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