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A life threatening illness often brings me to the near-death state as my blood pressure drops very low along with my heart rate. During these times, I will often have mystical experiences. I believe that these experiences are divinely inspired because, many times, I don’t like what I hear or see, but then it happens in this world and I see that if I did not resist the message so much, I would have been more prepared for what was to come. To write off these experiences as a figment of my imagination would be like writing off this world and the people in it the same way. If I did that with this world, I would be insane. Since my mystical experiences are as real as this world is, I can not simply dismiss it, just as would not dismiss this world and my relationships in it as a figment of my imagination. 

I work to be a clear vessel for these messages, but to be in human form is to be imperfect and limited. Being limited is not a bad thing: it is the  essence of the human experience, so we should not be afraid of it or feel bad for it, just not be in denial of it either. When you escape one’s body, you experience just how limited the body and mind are here and understand that everything we say and do will be colored, to some extent, by perception when operating through a body. Therefore, when I return to operating through a human body and write the messages I receive down, I have already somewhat perverted them because it went through my limited brain to write about it. Therefore, although I have been given the mission of sharing these visions, they should never be taken as the complete truth. Of these messages, take what is helpful or nothing at all, but put it through your own process of discernment and know that it is faulted to some extent by my humanness. 

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